Upsides of living in Atlanta

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Jun 272016

Atlanta, Georgia is a city well-known for its charm, persona, and diversity. Geographically positioned in the center of the Southeastern metropolitan cities, Atlanta is undeniably a business destination, and one of the fastest growing cities in the Southeastern United States. Being the 33 rd largest cities in the US, the city appeals to many and is a great place to call home. Here are some of the pros of living in Atlanta.

1. Accessibility
Getting in, out, and around Atlanta is easy, thanks to the good ground and air transport. Though Atlanta is largely known as a car city, it has so many walkable micro-neighbours that you won’t need a car to get around. According to walk score, Atlanta is the 21 st most walkable large cities in the country. In comparison to cities with similar population, Atlanta comes in as the 4 th most walkable and 5 th in terms of transit.

Atlanta is so accessible that you can walk to an average of four restaurants, coffee shops, and bars in five minutes. Atlanta may not be the most walkable cities in the US. However, some other factors make it an ideal place to call home and due to the fact that the walkability score is expected to improve in the near future.

2. Thriving Business Culture
Endowed with good transport and a strategic location, Atlanta is home or headquarters to many Georgia and Southeast businesses. The city headquarters tens of Fortune 500 companies, more than 2,100 international headquarters, and thousands of small business enterprises. This translates into availability of employment opportunities, as well as a large pool of customers for business to business operations.

3. Relatively Low Cost of Living
Atlanta has a reasonable cost of living. Housing is not very expensive, transportation is reasonable, and taxes fair. The cost of doing business in Atlanta is relatively low. It was ranked by the KPMG as the number one destination for the lowest cost of doing business. The low cost of living makes Atlanta an attractive place for junior executives, entry-level prospects, and anyone looking to stretch his/her salary.

4. Plenty Recreations
The diversity of Atlanta’s attractions gives residents many options for enjoyment. The city is home to many museums, ranging from science to civil rights. Atlanta is home to one of the largest aquariums in the world. The many city shows, clubs, and numerous entertainment spots make the city an attractive destination for thrill seekers.

The city is an ideal location for sports lovers as it is home to a good number of professional sports teams.

5. Education Facilities
The focus on education is another good reason to live in Atlanta. The city has more than 16 big colleges and Universities. The schools in Atlanta offer a large pool of employees, which is good for startups as well as established businesses.

6. Great Weather and Food
The weather is great. Humidity is not too high and the winters not brutally harsh as in some regions. The summers are relatively shorter, and there is some kind of balance in the weather. For nature lovers, you will love the majesty of Atlanta’s mountains and lakes. You will also love the sight of large trees. There are also many places to buy locally grown food.

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History of Atlanta

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Jun 182016

Although Atlanta, Georgia, was not actually incorporated until well into 1847, it existed for a long time before that. It had been called Marthasville in 1843. The small town was named after Martha Lumpkin, the daughter of Wilson Lumpkin who had previously been the governor. Lumpkin was trying to convince the residents to allow the railroad to go through the little town.

Two years later, the little group of buildings called Marthasville was changed to the name Atlanta which was Martha Lumpkin’s middle name. That same year, the railroad came through the area. The Chief Engineer of the Georgia Railroad, John Thomson, decided to change the name of the small town in 1845. During the previous year, a newcomer Jonathon Norcross, moved his sawmill and lumber yard business into the area.

Prior to that year, the only business there was the post office. Within the next couple of years, Atlanta got its first doctor, school, first newspaper and another railroad called the Macon and Western. By 1848, Atlanta was ready for its first election and there were just 215 voters. Besides their first mayor, they also elected 6 councilmen for the city.

According to historical documents, there was a homicide in Atlanta at that time. Because of that, the councilmen decided to hire a town marshal and build a jail.

The next year Atlanta got its very first telegraph which opened up communication between this town and other areas. That same year, there was a major fire in Atlanta that affected the livery stable and several businesses. Because of this tragedy, the residents decided to form a volunteer fire department.

By the year 1860, the census showed that there were almost 8,000 residents which included slaves. The slaves accounted for approximately twenty-five percent of that number. Between 1862 and 1864, there were 20,000 people mainly because it was being used as a military hospital for the Confederate Army during the Civil War.

Atlanta was confirmed a military zone in 1864 and all the residents were forced to evacuate. A few months later, Sherman burned down the town of Atlanta. Not long after that, the residents of Atlanta returned to find their homes burned and even the railroad destroyed.

Although the people felt discouraged by this situation, they didn’t let this damage to drive them away. They worked together to build shanty houses at first so they could stay in their little town of Atlanta.

When their bank was opened in 1865, businesses began to rebuild; and within another year there were 250 businesses that had rebuilt. There were 20,000 people counted in the 1866 census. Georgia claimed Atlanta as its capital in 1868.

Back in 1813, prior to the building of the first fort, this area had belonged to the Creek Indians who surrendered it in 1821. At that time, counties were created to define the area. They were called Henry and Fayette Counties.

Today, Atlanta is considered the fastest growing city in the United States with its current residents adding up to almost a half million people. Atlanta works at being eco-friendly and is full of cultural events and organizations. Besides being a beautiful modern city, Atlanta appreciates and cherishes its historical roots.

It is rated third in the country having Fortune 500 companies. Considered the city with the fastest growing millionaire population, Atlanta demonstrates growth financially but also is known to be good at balancing itself as it continues to grow.




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Downsides of living in Atlanta

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Jun 132016


Atlanta is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. In the last six years alone, the metropolitan area grew a whopping 20.5%. Giving Atlanta the highest growth percentage rate amongst the top-ten cities. The low cost of living and high per capita income are the primary reasons why the city’s popularity continues to rise.The city continues to grow each year in size, income and opportunities.


Atlanta has a side that is the complete opposite of city living. The spectacular land with a scenic view in the country is just a 30-40 minute drive north of the city. Surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, this area boasts spectacular views that one can only see in this natural setting. It’s no wonder that new communities and developments in this area are always considered one of the top homes for sale in Atlanta.


Developments here provide amenities and recreational activities for everyone to enjoy. The Atlanta community offers lakeside living, golf courses, and hiking trails where you can actually experience oneness with nature. The beauty of this natural landscape and the luxurious homes available may be why more and more people are moving here year after year. Developers will also continue to cater to this developing community by adding even more amenities in the coming years. A one-acre entertainment center, larger marina facility, new Outfitters Center & Store, and lakeside village are all in the planning stages.


Atlanta has a mixed has both blue collar and white collar job workers.Apparently, a higher proportion of the people here works as IT technicians, sales professionals, office workers, managers etc.Typically, Atlanta is a favorite city with designers,artists, and media workers in general hence it has significantly helped to imbue Atlanta with its individual personality.


With people from different backgrounds for instance African-Americans followed by Caucasians with German, English and Irish ancestry,the city of Atlanta is ethnically diverse, The language used is English, but some of the residents here speak Spanish. In Atlanta not everything is fun and play. Education wise the city has high is the home of very well known educational institutions and universities. The Atlanta University Center is located downtown.


Atlanta, has a general population of both the young and the well-educated staying there. plenty of opportunities are there for residents and newcomers to meet and form a lasting relationship over a restaurant dinner or lunch, listening to music etc. It certainly has a nightlife with venues that are sophisticated.


All year round the climate here is always warm and pleasant. Picturesque landscapes offer stunning views of the mountains and lake. This natural beauty of the environment can be a major contributing factor when choosing a home. The population will continue to rise, the economy will prosper, and the opportunities are boundless. It’s no wonder this area is becoming an attractive alternative to city life. Just because you are not living in the city, does not mean you can’t find the top homes for sale in Atlanta in the countryside.


May 312016

Bad Credit score May Influence Your Job Browse

Bad credit report may impact your potential to obtain more credit. Performed you recognize it additionally can impact your ability to get or even keep a job? Employers frequently utilize a credit file when they choose and examine staff members for advertising, reassignment, or retention.

The armed force has been doing this for years for workers that demand a safety and security open space. They run background checks with neighborhood cops, the FBI, and banks. The military does not desire to give a safety clearance to people with a history of unpleasant credit. This will make all of them a threat of taking classified content and offering this to cover their debt.

Add in the present sub-prime borrowing mess as well as lots of forecloseds properties, students may view why employers are worried that their brand new staff members possess pristine credit report. Nobody desires to tap the services of a person that could be actually a threat as a result of massive credit card financial obligation or a home loan in nonpayment.

Baseding on the Fair Credit score Reporting Act (FCRA), which is executed by the Federal Field Percentage (FTC) as well as your state Attorney general, an employer has to get your permission to take a look at your credit score document. If students do not receive a project as a result of info in your document, the employer should reveal students the report and also inform you effective ways to receive a copy from the buyer reporting service. There is actually on the house for the document if students request that within 60 days from receiving notification that students carried out certainly not obtain the job.

The FCRA calls for each of the all over the country consumer reporting services– Equifax, Experian, and also TransUnion– to give students along with a cost-free duplicate from your credit rating document, at your request, once every 1 Year. To order your free of cost yearly report coming from one or even all national buyer mentioning firms, the annual credit score document web site, phone call toll-free 877-322-8228, or complete the Yearly Credit Report Request Kind and also mailbox this to: Annual Credit Record Ask for Service, P. O. Package 105281, Atlanta ga, GA 30348-5281. Do not contact the 3 nationwide consumer mentioning firms one at a time. They deliver free of cost yearly credit reports just with 877-322-8228, their website, as well as Annual Credit score Report Request Solution, P. O. Carton 105281, Atlanta ga, GA 30348-5281.

Baseding on the FCRA, both the customer stating business and also the info service provider (that is, the person, company, or company that gives information about students to an individual reporting firm) are in charge of remedying inaccurate or even unfinished details in your record. To defend your civil liberties under the legislation, call both the customer stating company as well as the details supplier to question any sort of relevant information.

It is hard enough to discover or even maintain a really good task without possessing credit worries ruin this. Keep your credit rating record well-maintained; examine that typically, and best of luck along with the task hunt.

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Fly speaks about Atlanta

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May 242016

Here’s Indiana native Erica Scott, AKA Fly, and her perspective of having moved to Atlanta. I thought it was particularly funny how she talks about how big the city is…you can live in “metro Atlanta,” and so can your friend, but your friend is a 45 minute drive away. Sometimes it’s just not worth it! Where I’m from, that’s 3 towns over! I’m from a decent sized city, and you can get just about anywhere in town in under a half hour.

Add to that massive bugs the size of your head, lizards, 90-degree summers, phony baloney people, and the traffic, and you might get a case of the Atlanta blues too! O_0

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RainCityDana on Atlanta Life

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May 242016

Pros, Cons, and What to Expect, when considering moving to Atlanta, as explained by one of our favorite ATL vloggers.

May 222016

Georgia Property– Southern Friendliness

Referred to as the Mango State, Georgia is the state from southerly warmth. If you choose the traditional southerly lifestyle, Georgia realtor is actually absolutely worth an appearance.


The biggest state eastern from the Mississippi, Georgia possesses a lengthy and remarkable history. Civil war monoliths are raging throughout the condition as are towns along with millenium residences. Nevertheless this lifestyle, Georgia is actually also an incredibly modern condition along with growing areas like Atlanta ga

Atlanta ga.

One of the most populated area in Georgia, Atlanta is an increasing metropolis. Compared to a sporting activities point of view, the metropolitan area possesses Michael Vick and the Atlanta Falcons, the Braves, basketball, hockey and has also thrown the Olympics. Raised in 1865 by General Sherman, the city has a newish feeling and has actually increased to a populace of over 3.5 million individuals. The metropolitan area may be classified even more as a modern metropolitan area than a traditional southerly one.


If you’re looking for a true southern area in Georgia, Savannah is actually the location. Situated on the perimeter along with , Savannah is actually a step back right into the past. Along with tree-lined roads, the metropolitan area hosts a range of design compared to the 18th as well as 19th century including Victorian properties and aged house. Streets are overshadowed according to large, early Maple Vegetation. To see Savannah, rent of buy “Twelve o’clock at night in the Landscape from Good as well as Evil,” which was actually filmed in the metropolitan area.


Roughly an hour north of Atlanta ga, Athens is a mix from southerly culture and college city. The home of the Educational institution of Georgia, the town has a population from 30,000 plus students. This influx from students gives the area a benevolent feeling, which is distinct for the south.

Georgia Realty

Georgia real estate costs vary according to site with the urban center from Atlanta ga belittling smaller sized town realtor. A singular loved ones home in Atlanta will certainly establish you back $300,000 on average, while $250,000 will definitely suffice in Savannah and also $230,000 in Athens. The appreciation rate for Oregon real property relies completely on the site, but standards a medium six percent for 2005.

If southerly hospitality is your ideal, Georgia might be your place. Along with sensible realty prices, you could get a good deal.

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