Jun 132016


Atlanta is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. In the last six years alone, the metropolitan area grew a whopping 20.5%. Giving Atlanta the highest growth percentage rate amongst the top-ten cities. The low cost of living and high per capita income are the primary reasons why the city’s popularity continues to rise.The city continues to grow each year in size, income and opportunities.


Atlanta has a side that is the complete opposite of city living. The spectacular land with a scenic view in the country is just a 30-40 minute drive north of the city. Surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, this area boasts spectacular views that one can only see in this natural setting. It’s no wonder that new communities and developments in this area are always considered one of the top homes for sale in Atlanta.


Developments here provide amenities and recreational activities for everyone to enjoy. The Atlanta community offers lakeside living, golf courses, and hiking trails where you can actually experience oneness with nature. The beauty of this natural landscape and the luxurious homes available may be why more and more people are moving here year after year. Developers will also continue to cater to this developing community by adding even more amenities in the coming years. A one-acre entertainment center, larger marina facility, new Outfitters Center & Store, and lakeside village are all in the planning stages.


Atlanta has a mixed economy.it has both blue collar and white collar job workers.Apparently, a higher proportion of the people here works as IT technicians, sales professionals, office workers, managers etc.Typically, Atlanta is a favorite city with designers,artists, and media workers in general hence it has significantly helped to imbue Atlanta with its individual personality.


With people from different backgrounds for instance African-Americans followed by Caucasians with German, English and Irish ancestry,the city of Atlanta is ethnically diverse, The language used is English, but some of the residents here speak Spanish. In Atlanta not everything is fun and play. Education wise the city has high ranks.it is the home of very well known educational institutions and universities. The Atlanta University Center is located downtown.


Atlanta, has a general population of both the young and the well-educated staying there. plenty of opportunities are there for residents and newcomers to meet and form a lasting relationship over a restaurant dinner or lunch, listening to music etc. It certainly has a nightlife with venues that are sophisticated.


All year round the climate here is always warm and pleasant. Picturesque landscapes offer stunning views of the mountains and lake. This natural beauty of the environment can be a major contributing factor when choosing a home. The population will continue to rise, the economy will prosper, and the opportunities are boundless. It’s no wonder this area is becoming an attractive alternative to city life. Just because you are not living in the city, does not mean you can’t find the top homes for sale in Atlanta in the countryside.


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