Jun 272016

Atlanta, Georgia is a city well-known for its charm, persona, and diversity. Geographically positioned in the center of the Southeastern metropolitan cities, Atlanta is undeniably a business destination, and one of the fastest growing cities in the Southeastern United States. Being the 33 rd largest cities in the US, the city appeals to many and is a great place to call home. Here are some of the pros of living in Atlanta.

1. Accessibility
Getting in, out, and around Atlanta is easy, thanks to the good ground and air transport. Though Atlanta is largely known as a car city, it has so many walkable micro-neighbours that you won’t need a car to get around. According to walk score, Atlanta is the 21 st most walkable large cities in the country. In comparison to cities with similar population, Atlanta comes in as the 4 th most walkable and 5 th in terms of transit.

Atlanta is so accessible that you can walk to an average of four restaurants, coffee shops, and bars in five minutes. Atlanta may not be the most walkable cities in the US. However, some other factors make it an ideal place to call home and due to the fact that the walkability score is expected to improve in the near future.

2. Thriving Business Culture
Endowed with good transport and a strategic location, Atlanta is home or headquarters to many Georgia and Southeast businesses. The city headquarters tens of Fortune 500 companies, more than 2,100 international headquarters, and thousands of small business enterprises. This translates into availability of employment opportunities, as well as a large pool of customers for business to business operations.

3. Relatively Low Cost of Living
Atlanta has a reasonable cost of living. Housing is not very expensive, transportation is reasonable, and taxes fair. The cost of doing business in Atlanta is relatively low. It was ranked by the KPMG as the number one destination for the lowest cost of doing business. The low cost of living makes Atlanta an attractive place for junior executives, entry-level prospects, and anyone looking to stretch his/her salary.

4. Plenty Recreations
The diversity of Atlanta’s attractions gives residents many options for enjoyment. The city is home to many museums, ranging from science to civil rights. Atlanta is home to one of the largest aquariums in the world. The many city shows, clubs, and numerous entertainment spots make the city an attractive destination for thrill seekers.

The city is an ideal location for sports lovers as it is home to a good number of professional sports teams.

5. Education Facilities
The focus on education is another good reason to live in Atlanta. The city has more than 16 big colleges and Universities. The schools in Atlanta offer a large pool of employees, which is good for startups as well as established businesses.

6. Great Weather and Food
The weather is great. Humidity is not too high and the winters not brutally harsh as in some regions. The summers are relatively shorter, and there is some kind of balance in the weather. For nature lovers, you will love the majesty of Atlanta’s mountains and lakes. You will also love the sight of large trees. There are also many places to buy locally grown food.

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